It is with great honor that we announce the newest fraternity alums! We reached out to our newest grads and asked them what they gained from Pi Kappa Alpha, why they joined, and where they are headed after graduation. Join us in welcoming them to the alumni brotherhood! 

Jacob Yacuboski

Adam Salahdine

Alex Sun – Norwood, PA: “Joining PIKE my Freshmen year was the most uncertain, yet rewarding experience at my time in college. I have met the most diverse group of brothers that I, without a doubt, can call some of my long-term friends. Pike has taught me how care and compassion go a long way in succeeding both academically and interpersonally. The support and guidance from many brothers and alumni have paved a clearer path in what I value and aim to do in the future. I hope to carry these friendships with me to New York after graduation and stay in touch and mentor new generations of Pikes. “

Arjun Shukla

David Todaro – Haddon Heights, NJ: “I joined Pike for the brotherhood and the sense of community it seemed to showcase during my freshman year. From my time in Pike, I have gained the ability to network, improved my leadership skills, and created lasting friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. After I graduate, I will be attending veterinary school.”

Elias Mimouni: I joined PIKE because I wanted to meet a group of guys committed to excellence and willing to create a community that is welcoming and proponents for future care. My brothers here have been the most supportive. Especially feeling as I have came from a very specific background I have received but support throughout my time here. I feel like I have developed a number of strong relationships that will last lifelong and I have also gained a more professional mindset having shared so much with others that are very driven and motivated for success. I hope to pursue medicine in my future.”


Humberto Caballero – Brownsville, TX (above): “I joined PIKE in order to connect with and make life-long friendships with men of honor, integrity, and valor, and that is exactly what I found. Even more, I grew more in my time here that I could have imagined, and was pushed and challenged to become the best version of myself. For that, and much more, I know that my time here has prepared me not just for my future career as a lawyer, but for life itself.”

Jacob Keller – Port Washington, NY


James Champion – Edinburg, TX (above):I joined PIKE to make real, genuine connections with some of the best and brightest at my university. It is impossible to list everything I gained from such an enriching membership, but it is safe to say that I learned lengths about friendship, my personal and professional aspirations, and the type of leader I want to become. As I near the end of my college career and begin to explore adult life, I can only hope to find a community that cultivates the growth and happiness that being a member of PIKE Beta Pi provided.”

Jonah Charlton – Skokie, IL 


Matthew Sheeler – Halifax, PA (above):Coming to Penn, I really had no clue about what Greek Life was all about, and did not really have any intentions to find out. I quickly was connected with some PIKE brothers upon arriving on campus through mutual friends, and really found them to be down to Earth and approachable, something that I welcomed while in a new place. I decided to eventually join PIKE because of how close I saw all of the upperclassmen were, and new that it couldn’t hurt to see if it was for me. Fast forward four years, and I have found some of the best friends I could have ever asked for. I obviously had a lot of fun along the way, but getting to meet people from diverse backgrounds different from my small town upbringing has been incredibly rewarding. After graduating, I will be heading to New York City to start my career in environmental economics as a utilities and renewable energy consultant for Guidehouse. And I’m lucky enough to say that I’m taking these friendships with me and will be living with some of my PIKE brothers while doing so.”


Nicholas Imam – New York, NY (above):From NYC studying Finance. Working in consulting after graduation and interested in startups. I joined PIKE for the community and the people and gained deep friendships along the way.”

Protik Nandy