The opening remarks in the annual report by Foundation President Kevin Virta, Epsilon Psi at Western Michigan University, presents a very rosy picture of the Foundation status and optimism that the future of PiKA is bright. The Foundation is the fund-raising entity for Pi Kappa Alpha Inter/National fraternity (PiKA Memphis).

The 2023 year showed a 20% increase in members of the President’s Council. Council members pledge a minimum donation of $1000 annually. In addition, record donations were received during the PIKE Now campaign and the Giving Tuesday Challenge, PiKA’s premier fund-raising events. The annual fundraising total of $3.56 million from all events was a new record.

Last year saw the creation of PiKA’s Historical Society and their initial efforts to accomplish their goal to digitize information, collect mementos of PiKA history, and preserve a history of PiKA Memphis and individual chapters. Particular pride was displayed in the creation of a hard cover book containing the Alpha chapter minutes.

A December Open House was hosted by PiKA Memphis to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the opening of PiKA’s Headquarters in a new building.

The PIKE Now campaign raised over $500,000. Originally begun to assist undergraduate members facing problems brought on by the pandemic in 2020, the campaign purpose has transitioned to focus on issues that affect our current undergraduates. The donations from this campaign are being used for PIKE University scholarships, fraternity programing, and set aside for chapter endowment funds. These purposes are all intended to enhance student leadership, foster brotherhood, and support personal development.

Knowing that not all members are able to attend PIKE University and other PiKA Memphis events, over 40 online courses have been made available in five disciplines: professional development, leadership development, communication skills, management skills, and life skills. In 2023, 1256 members from 187 chapters took advantage of these courses.

Once again, Beta Pi donors are among the leaders in generosity toward PiKA Memphis. There being over 200 chapters, only three other chapters have more President’s Council members. Beta Pi’s members to the President’s Council are:

Joel Catania ‘71                                              David Edman ‘73                                           Harvey Mackler ‘72

Mitchell Goldsmith ‘72                                Adam Michaels ‘97                                       Richard Myers ‘69

Jeffrey Kaufman ‘80                                    William Scott ‘76                                           Kaden Stenger ‘19

Richard Sussman ‘69                                   Bruce Wolfson ‘71                                         Paul Zaentz ‘69

Anthony Stagliano ‘64 (initiated at Michigan but spent three years at Beta Pi as a true leader and steadfast brother)

As for sheer numbers of donors to PiKA Memphis, only ten other chapters had more donors in 2023. Beta Pi donors are:

Mark Bodner ‘79                                           Joel Catania ‘71                                               Morton A. Cohen ‘65

David Edman ‘73                                           Thomas Fogarty ‘81                                      David Goldberg ‘92

Lawrence Gordon ‘72                                  Jerome H. Herman ‘72                                Jeffrey Kirstein ‘97

Mitchell Karig ‘76                                         Jeffrey Kaufman ‘80                                     Stephen Leventhal ‘67

Joel Levine ‘70                                               Scott Lohmann ‘75                                        Harvey Mackler ‘72

David Meyer ‘76                                            Adam Michaels ‘97                                        Eric Morgenstern ‘81

Richard Myers ‘69                                        Frederic Rubin ‘80                                       Gary Sachs ‘74

William Scott ‘76                                           Stanley Serocca Jr. ‘66                                Jeffrey Serota ‘85

Edward Shamy Jr. ‘74                                 Robert Stavis ‘81                                            Kaden Stenger ‘19

Richard Sussman ‘69                                   Justin Wang ‘22                                             Kenneth Widelitz ‘69

Bruce Wolfson ‘71                                         Anthony Stagliano ‘64

Thank you to all members that have helped PiKA Memphis maintain Pi Kappa Alpha as one of the premier fraternities across the nation.