Penn Dining Again Criticized by The Daily Pennsylvanian

In the March 24, 2024, issue of The Daily Pennsylvanian (DP), journalist Franklin Li asks and answers the question when Penn Dining will improve.

He concisely summarizes the Penn Dining experience in his first words, “Not a single person on campus seems to be satisfied with Penn Dining.” Then he addresses four problems with Penn Dining:

  1. “Sanitary issues.” Non-food items (cockroach, maggot, glass) were reported to have been found mixed in with the food served. Last year, Penn Dining halls received 100 code violations from Philadelphia Department of Health.
  2. “Taste of the food.” He wonders why Penn students line up at food trucks in the street rather than use their Penn Dining swipes.
  3. “Food being too pricey.” He states that Penn admits that “eating off campus costs less.”
  4. “Limited operating hours.” Li allows that Penn Dining is open most normal eating hours, but most dining locations are closed on weekends and over breaks.

Li offers possible solutions to these problems. But will there be any improvement? His answer is that “…none of these changes will probably ever happen…There is no financial rationale for improving students’ dining experience.”

Beta Pi New Initiates

Unfortunately, the three new initiates of the fall 2023 Alpha Eta new member class were not named in the Beta Pi April eLetter. These new initiates are:

Alan Hong – Ambler, PA                                  Dren Zabeli – Pristina, Kosovo                         Jan Rossner – San Diego, CA                     









John D. Woodward, Beta Pi ’78, Receives Appointment at Boston University

As reported in the May/June issue of The Pennsylvania Gazette:

“John D. Woodward Jr. W’81, a Professor of the Practice of International Relations at Boston University, has been named the director of Boston University’s (BU) Division of Military Education. In this role, he oversees BU’s Air Force, Army, and Navy/Marine Corps ROTC activities. BU ROTC educates and prepares more than 200 students from BU and its 14 partner institutions of higher learning to become commissioned officers in the US Armed Services. John participated in Army ROTC at Penn and earned a commission in the Army’s Corps of Engineers. Prior to joining the BU faculty in 2015, he served at the CIA in overseas and domestic assignments, the US Department of Defense, and the RAND Corporation.”