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Vinnie Liu, Beta Pi ’01, is co-founder and CEO of Bishop Fox, the largest private professional services firm focused on offensive security testing of computer programs. “Offensive security” means that his firm takes proactive steps to ensure that his clients’ cyber systems are safe and secure. Developing and utilizing the company’s award-winning Cosmos program enables his company to analyze and test computer systems to be “bug-free” and resistant to hacking.

Brother Liu provides consultation services in the public and private sectors, including 25% of the Fortune 100 companies, the top five global media organizations, 10 of the top 20 global retailers, six of the top ten manufacturing companies, and six of the top 10 global technology companies. Bishop Fox’s customers include Google, Equifax, John Deere, Sonos, and Zoom.

Despite the disastrous effects on business during the COVID-19 years, the introduction and use of his Cosmos program has resulted in tripling the Annual Recurring Revenue at Bishop Fox in 2021. New business has increased by 50% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same quarter in 2021.

The success of Bishop Fox has attracted the attention of investment firms. Forgepoint Capital provided $25 million in funding in 2019. More recently, Bishop Fox received $70 million in funding from Carrick Capital Partners.

Managing Director Will Lin of Forgepoint Capital explains, “Their (Bishop Fox) demonstrated commitment to comprehensive and continuous security innovation amidst changing customer needs and the evolving threat landscape have made them the solution of choice for modern organizations…”

Chris Wenner, Managing Director at Carrick Capital Partners, expounds on why his company has faith in brother Liu’s company, “Bishop Fox has one of the best reputations with customers we have ever come across, and the highest quality solutions and tech-enabled services in the cybersecurity industry. The combination of their world-class security operators, unique process, and Cosmos technology platform has enabled them to continuously improve the security posture of complex, global enterprises…”.  

The influx of nearly $100 million in funding will be put to good use. Brother Liu says, “This capital will fuel additional innovation in our Cosmos platform, investment in our people, and expansion of Bishop Fox Academy. By further developing the best technology and talent in the industry, we will continue to define the future of offensive security. Additionally, the funding will enable us to accelerate our international expansion, extending our expertise to help even more organizations defend forward…”.

At Penn, Vinnie was an active participant in Beta Pi events and was often seen at the Chapter House with his Beta Pi brethren. Our congratulations to brother Liu who has overseen the growth of his company from three employees to more than 200 knowledgeable and fully-trained cybersecurity experts. Following the receipt of the new funding, annual revenue and the number of new employees can be expected to increase significantly. Bishop Fox’s reputation in the cybersecurity field is unsurpassed.