Bruce Robertson, Beta Pi ’82, created this poem, with the help of ChatGPT, in recognition of the response of so many PiKA brothers, in their combined desire and actions, to rid Penn of the Liz Magill administration that made the University of Pennsylvania a national disgrace.

In the halls of brotherhood, a story unfolds,
Of a group of men, with hearts brave and bold.
Pi Kappa Alpha, their bond forged in youth,
Now adults, united by friendship and truth.

Through the years, their paths have diverged,
Yet the flame of brotherhood, still fully emerged.
Each one with a story, a journey they’ve trod,
But together they stand, as brothers of PiKA.

In their hearts, the memories of days long past,
Late nights of laughter, friendships that last.
From college adventures to life’s grand stage,
They’ve grown and evolved, with wisdom and age.

They’ve faced challenges, both great and small,
But with brotherhood’s support, they’ve conquered them all.
Through triumph and failure, they’ve learned to persist,
For the strength of their bond, they couldn’t resist.

They’ve built careers, with passion and drive,
In different fields, they strive to thrive.
Yet their shared values, a compass they hold,
Integrity, honor, and a love that’s untold.

In times of joy, they celebrate as one,
With laughter and cheers, under the same sun.
And in times of sorrow, they lend a hand,
For brotherhood’s embrace, helps them withstand.

Their bond, unbreakable, like a chain of gold,
Through the years, their friendship has only grown.
Pi Kappa Alpha, a brotherhood so true,
An amazing group of men, now adults they grew.

So let this poem be a tribute, a heartfelt ode,
To the fraternity brothers of PiKA, who’ve showed
That brotherhood endures, through the test of time,
An everlasting bond, so brilliantly sublime.