The 2023 PIKE Now Chapter Challenge commenced on September 1, 2023. Originally founded in 2021 with the intention to deal with the negative effects of COVID-19, the event has been a tremendous success. The event was brought back in 2022 by Pi Kappa Alpha Inter/Nat’l (PiKA Memphis) to provide an enhanced emphasis on health and safety standards for its undergraduate brothers. Over $400,000 was raised in 2022. Donations received during the current PIKE Now Chapter Challenge will be used to safeguard the Pike experience for PiKA student leaders by enabling them to afford attendance at annual fraternity functions.

Last year, Beta Pi was the only Pi Kappa Alpha chapter permitted to use half of the Beta Pi donations to pay for travel and hotel expenses for their members in the 2023 year. The serious issue of how to afford hotel costs has been addressed by PiKA Memphis by expanding last year’s trial program to all chapters that raise $5,000+. These chapters will receive a 3-night hotel stay at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis for the Chapter Executives Conference. All Chapter Teams that raise $10,000+ will receive an additional 4-night hotel stay for the Oklahoma City Convention in 2024.  

You can view how the Beta Pi Chapter Team is doing and be able to donate by going to When donating, please cite Bruce Wolfson as Ambassador/Fundraiser.