Photo Credit: Robert C. Gottlieb & Associates

                Paul Townsend, Beta Pi ’04, is the creator and host of the popular legal podcast In Summation, The Final Word. This podcast can be accessed at Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes and where ever else you can get podcasts.

                In Summation, The Final Word reports on and scrutinizes news-making court cases across the United States. On his podcast, Paul presents listeners with an accurate and unbiased assessment and understanding of the facts as they are related in the courtroom. Allegations, conjecture, and assumptions that are portrayed as facts on cable and regional “newscasts”, but are not part of the actual court proceedings, do not influence Paul’s analysis that explains why a judge and/or jury makes their decisions and determinations. Paul will spell out the role of each party, set forth the legal arguments of each party, and inform his listeners why the winning party prevailed. His analysis and conclusions are totally unbiased. Bedsides his podcast, Paul has been published in the New York Law Journal.

                After graduating from Penn, brother Townsend graduated from the Brooklyn Law School and is admitted to practice in all New York State and local courts as well as Federal District Courts for the Southern, Eastern, and Northern Districts of New York State.

                He has served as an Assistant District Attorney in the District Attorney’s Office (DA) in Brooklyn, prosecuting hundreds of felony cases, specializing in the use of electronic surveillance to bolster the evidence for the prosecution of cases involving narcotics, firearms, assault, burglary, white-collar crimes, and other felonies.

                Following his stint at the DA, brother Townsend practiced criminal defense that led to him handling high-profile cases in New York and other states. Perhaps his most notorious case involved being on the trial team of lawyers, in the federal court for the Eastern District of New York, representing Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman-Loera who was accused of being the leader of an infamous drug cartel in Mexico.   

                In May 2019, Paul joined the well-known and well-respected legal firm of Robert C. Gottlieb and Associates as senior counsel. As a member of the Gottlieb firm, he has successfully represented clients both in New York and across the country in white-collar and other criminal matters.

                At Penn, Paul was an active member of Pi Kappa Alpha. He lived in the chapter house and always participated in Beta Pi activities and events. Our congratulations to Paul for his distinguished career in the law.