Photo by Anna Vazhaeparambil, courtesy of The Daily Pennsylvanian.

In the May 11, 2023, issue of The Daily Pennsylvanian (DP), Jonah Charlton, Beta Pi ’20, relates his involvement with the DP. He explains how the DP and his associates at the DP have meant so much to him in terms of personal growth and achievement. 

Jonah describes his first writing assignment. He was embraced by the staff associates who worked closely with him to prepare his article prior to its appearance in the DP. During this time, he was able to observe how an article must pass through a series of protocols before being accepted for placement in the DP. When he saw the final product on the front page, he was both shocked and thrilled. He felt that he was now a part of the Penn community and understood how a written article must follow a series of protocols before it can be in print. 

Jonah takes pride in “becoming editor-in-chief, helping to lead coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic for two years, and overhauling our daily newsletter to create a more personal feel”. Most of all, the relationships he has with his associates at the DP will be remembered for life and forms the foundation for what he has become: “the teammate, the editor, the friend”.  

He has carried over his ability to make lifelong friends with his fraternity brothers. The friendship and respect he found at the fraternity is exemplified by his selection at Founders Day as the “Gentleman” in the SLAG Awards and as their choice to be the recipient of the Scott Mackler True Grit Award.     

Our congratulations to Jonah for an exemplary four years at Penn.  

To read the article, please click on this link.