Brothers, we need your help.

As of right now, we are about $10,000 short of our annual fund goal of $25,000. As the end of our giving year on July 1st approaches, your support is more crucial now than ever. Please consider making your contribution to the annual fund today.


We have only 3 months left until the giving year ends, and we would like to thank the 6% of our brothers who have donated so far this year. Your donations make it possible for us to stay connected through frequent communications and events, maintain our database, host our website, and assist us in various other ways to keep our brotherhood connected.

Unfortunately, support has been down in recent years, and we are nearing an all-time low. In order to maintain our alumni relations communications program, our fund needs to be replenished by contributions.

If you have been enjoying our publications, please consider donating to the annual fund. If even 15% of our brothers contributed, we would be well on our way to achieving our goal of $25,000 by July 1st

Thank you once again to the core group of brothers who continue to support our alumni association. None of what we do would be possible without your consistent and dedicated support, and you are greatly appreciated.