Dr. John M. Feder ’83: The support I received far exceeds my monetary contributions

Feder (far right) with old friends at an alumni weekend. Photo courtesy of John Feder.

Dr. John M. Feder ’83 ([email protected]), M.D. looks back on his experience at Pi Kappa Alpha and shares why he gives back to the fraternity.

Feder made the decision to pledge to Pi Kappa Alpha because of the “welcoming from upper classmen and pledge class members.” A combination of “academics, campus engagement, and social and athletic events” were what set his experience apart from the rest of campus life.

Some of his best memories are comedy night and road trips to Cornell and the University of Maryland soccer intramurals.       

Pi Kappa Alpha impacted his life after graduation by teaching him the value of living and working in a group and how to function as more than an individual.

Feder gives back because he appreciates what he was given during his time at Pi Kappa Alpha. “The support I received far exceeds my monetary contributions.” If more alumni give back, Feder believes they can “expand the reach of the fraternity.”

Without Pi Kappa Alpha, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my academic and career goals