Chapter Eternal– Michael H. Monheit, Beta Pi ‘82

It is with deep regret and sorrow to report the passing of Michael Monheit, Beta Pi ’82. News of his death was provided by his life-long friend and Beta Pi brother, Bruce Robertson ’82, who provided the details of his last day, “Brother Mike Monheit passed peacefully yesterday (January 21, 2021). His wife Marcy said he was surrounded by family. As many of you know, Mike was diagnosed 20 months ago with late-stage esophageal cancer. Of course, Mike outlasted the odds he was given at the time”.

Mike lived an extraordinary life of accomplishment, educational pursuits, religion, and compassion. After Penn, he graduated from law school at Temple University and joined his father’s law firm. Eventually, he founded Monheit Law LLC. As a lawyer, he achieved attention as a personal injury attorney with three offices in and about Philadelphia. His specialty areas were auto accidents, medical malpractice, and defective drugs and devices. In addition, he earned national recognition for his expertise in “mass tort litigation”.

Besides his accomplishments as a successful lawyer, Mike was a prominent expert in internet marketing. He established Monheit Marketing that was a consultation group for internet marketers, Cause and Direct that did consultation for revenue generation for non-profits, and SavvyCard that was a mobile marketing platform. At all times, he had deep compassion for charitable causes. This was evidenced by his membership on the Board of the Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation of Smiles.

He had a profound affection for Pi Kappa Alpha, his fraternity brothers, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Upon hearing of his death, the loving response of his fraternity brothers was overwhelming. Responding to brother Robertson’s announcement were Beta Pi brothers Woody Rosenbach ’79, Tom Brodie ’81, Fred Rubin ’80, Dr. Eric Morganstern ’81, Ken Wyman ’81, Jimmy Post ’81, Jeff Kaufman ’80, Bruce Wolfson ’71, Jerry Herman ’72, Ross Weiner ’80, Bora Sila ’80, John Joseph ’80, Mark Bodner ’79, Peter Gordon ’82, Lawrence Orans ’80, Michael Halpern ’80, Greg Sembler ’80, and Rob Stavis ’81.     

In the words of his fraternity brothers, the news was “devastating”, “terrible”, and “sad and shocking”. They marveled at his “fortitude and determination to understand and conquer his cancer”, and that he “approached the world with love, wisdom, and unfailing positivity”.

Mike “did not let his illness define him…(he) lived without fear of death”. “Always upbeat and mature beyond his age”, Mike was “positive, always smiling”, a “great guy, always upbeat”, and “always was very very positive and friendly and had strong values”. “Very gentle with a great sense of humor”, Mike was “very committed to social justice”.Chapter Eternal– Michael H. Monheit, Beta Pi ‘82

“Loved by his fraternity brothers…we loved him”. He was a “genuinely great guy”, a “great all-around extremely likable guy”, and “a leader and a truly good guy”. “It was an honor to be his brother”. “The world is diminished with his loss.” “He will surely be missed”. “Grateful to share time with him”.

A common thread through the responses was that the brothers were grateful to spend time with Mike at the annual New York City holiday dinners, hosted by Jeff Kaufman, when Mike would come from Philadelphia. The annual dinners have taken on a new and deeper meaning. Beta Pi brothers will now cherish even more the opportunities to spend time with their fraternity brothers and life-long friends. They never want to forget and will seek to enjoy, the closeness that they feel by belonging to an organization that places friendship above all else. You can be scholars, leaders, athletes, and gentlemen, but it is the friendships that will have the longest-lasting and greatest meaning and influence on our lives.   

Our sincerest condolences are extended to Mike’s wife Marcy, his children, Molly, Matt, Max, and Mia, and all other members of his family and loved ones. Donations can be made to: