Scott Mackler 5K

The annual Scott Mackler MD PhD 5K run/walk (Mackler 5K) will take place at Temple Beth El in Newark, Delaware, on Sunday, November 5, 2023. The event was created by Harvey Mackler, Beta Pi ’72, and the Mackler family, to honor the legacy of Scott Mackler, Beta Pi ’77. All donations received are for the benefit of the ALS Association of Greater Philadelphia (ALS Philadelphia). The Scott A. Mackler, MD, PhD, Assistive Technology Program provides people with ALS the ability to access assistive technology devices and services that are often not covered by insurance policies. Additionally, the program ensures that assistive technology services are an integral part of ALWS clinics and centers certified by The ALS Association. 

Please find it in your heart to donate your time and/or monetary donation to ensure the continued success of this event that is nearly 25 years-old. Donations can be sent to ALS Philadelphia at

It’s a Small World Department

Morty Cohen ’65 offers the following as proof it is a small world we live in:

“In December 2006, my son Jeffrey and his fiancée Ellen decided to have a destination wedding on St. Thomas Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. To preside over the wedding ceremony, they needed a Rabbi. St. Thomas only had one Rabbi.

Before the wedding ceremony, the Rabbi had Jeffrey and Ellen sign a Ketubah, the Jewish contract of marriage. He then asked them some questions regarding their families to familiarize himself with the soon-to-be married couple to enable him to personalize the ceremony. One of the things he wanted to know was where their parents were from. Jeffrey remembered that I was from Lynbrook, a small village on Long Island, New York. When the Rabbi asked for the address, Jeffrey did not know. When I arrived later to meet the Rabbi, he asked me where I grew up in Lynbrook. I answered Canterbury Gate, a three-block-long street of one-family homes.

It seems the Rabbi, who was a little older than me, grew up on Canterbury Gate, only one block away from me, and we overlapped the time we lived there.

I thought to myself it’s a small world.”

If any reader enjoyed this story and has experienced his own “small world” occurrence, please email it to Morty Cohen at [email protected]. Put “Beta Pi” on the subject line.

New President for Undergraduate Members is Installed at Beta Pi

Justin Wang, Beta Pi ’22, has been elected and installed as the new President of our undergraduate chapter. Prior to becoming President, Justin was the Alumni Relations Chairman.

“It’s always great to see proud PIKE seniors, like these Pennsylvania, Beta Pi seniors. Thanks to John Strong (Lehigh, Gamma Lambda ’97) who serves as Beta Pi Chapter advisor.”
Beta Pi Seniors Have Their Photo Published

Beta Pi’s 2023 graduating Alpha Delta New Member class gathered on Locust Walk for a group photo on Commencement Day. Thanks to John Strong (Lehigh, Gamma Lambda ‘97), the photo was published in the Pi Kappa Alpha internet Message to all PIKE Volunteers.

Congratulations and best wishes to all our graduating seniors.

Family Milestone

Congratulations to Beta Pi Alumni Association President Ross Weiner ’80 and his wife Lisa Goldstein on the recent University of Pennsylvania graduation of their son Josh. Best wishes to Josh in all his future endeavors.


A warning to all undergraduate and alumni brothers who received Beta Pi 100-year Anniversary glass beer mugs. DO NOT PUT THE MUG IN A DISHWASHER OR SCRUB HARD TO CLEAN IT. It has been reported that the embossed design on the mug will come off. If you need to clean it, gently wash it by hand and pat dry.

Tony Bennett Recorded an Album for Fantasy Records

Prior to becoming a major player in the film industry as Fantasy Films, winner of three Academy Awards (Oscars) for best film of the year, Paul Zaentz ’69 and his family at Fantasy Records had the opportunity to produce and release a duet album featuring Tony Bennett and jazz pianist Bill Evans in 1975.            

At that time, Fantasy had Creedence Clearwater Revival under contract and was the major source for jazz music in the United States. During his approximate 70-year career in show business, Mr. Bennett made over 150 recordings. One was with Fantasy Records. When his relationship with Columbia Records soured, he decided to start his own label, Improv Records. Mr. Bennett teamed with Bill Evans, who was signed at Fantasy Records, to record as a duet on two recordings. One was released by Improv, the other was released by Fantasy.