Photo: The Pennsylvania Gazette.

The January/February issue of The Pennsylvania Gazette (Gazette) announced that Alberto Joseph Chamorro, Beta Pi ’75, Wharton ’78, has been selected to receive the University of Pennsylvania’s Alumni Award of Merit, the highest recognition Penn assigns to an alumnus. The Gazette mentions that brother Chamorro is the 3rd generation of the Chamorro family to attend Penn. His late father, Alberto J. Chamorro, Beta Pi ’47, preceded him and his three children, Alberto III, Carolina, and Valeria, followed in his footsteps as the 4th generation.

The Gazette lauds Alberto’s activity on behalf of Penn, “You have built upon that legacy brilliantly through steadfast leadership, pivotal support of financial aid, and vital assistance of Penn Admissions and Penn Alumni efforts across Central America”.

After joining the family business, E. Chamorro Group, that has very large diverse and financial interests in his native Nicaragua, he still found the time to devote considerable energy, initiative, and expertise to promote Penn to the Central American community. He has served as President of the Penn Central/South America and the Caribbean Regional Alumni Club and then as President of the Penn Club of Nicaragua.

In consideration of his considerable work on behalf of Penn, the Gazette states, ”Your efforts have spurred an increase in Penn students from the region, and, as a result, a stronger international alumni community”.

Congratulations to brother Chamorro for having received Penn’s most valuable alumni award. Thank you from Beta Pi for all you have done to enhance the reputation of Penn and for increasing the value of a Penn education, by helping to establish a more diverse student community.