Richard Schorr ‘75: The house stood apart from other fraternities at Penn

Richard Schorr ‘75 ([email protected]) says that the day he decided to pledge to πKA, the house grew – a lot. “Twenty friends from my freshman dorm decided collectively to pledge πKA,” he says.

He says that the house stood apart from other fraternities at Penn. “πKA was more diverse and welcomed a broad array of brothers. A little more cerebral than most fraternities and valued giving back to the community.”

He says that one of his favorite memories is “going to Gettsyburg, PA, with Don Motaka and Bruce Wolfson.”

He says that πKA impacted his life long after graduation. “It helped me to recognize that any organization was really about the members (or employees) as individuals. It also taught me to manage funds, accept responsibility for the well-being of the fraternity and its property.”

Schorr says that giving back to the chapter is important to him. “A large portion of our dues is used to support the undergraduates. As an undergrad, I was on financial aid, and I understand the financial challenges of our young brothers.”

“More donations would help fund leadership training for our undergraduate officers and rising leadership. That training will not only assure the success of the chapter but help shape the minds and hearts of these students.”

Without Pi Kappa Alpha, I wouldn’t have the appreciation of serving an organization and learning that one of the most satisfying feelings you can have is when you give yourself to a mission.