Parker Weil, Beta Pi ’85, organizer of Faux Founders’ Day 2024, could not have chosen a better date or location for the event. A warm sunny day and a tavern that was open only to Beta Pi brothers set the stage for one of the most successful Faux Founders’ Days.

Olde City Cheesesteak & Brew (Olde City) at 66 Madison Avenue, near 27th Street, in New York City, was the place. Ownership of Olde City includes Scott Krase, Beta Pi ’86, and a PiKA from Gamma Lambda, Lehigh University. Olde City has a decidedly Philadelphia ambience as a bar that presents itself as the place to view Philadelphia sports teams, both collegiate and professional, on their many televisions. The walls are covered with posters, banners, flags, photos, and pennants displaying Philadelphia-based teams and Penn State University.

For two hours, Olde City was closed to the general public. Pi Kappa Alpha had exclusive use of the premises. Approximately forty Beta Pi brothers were there enjoying beverages, food, and conversation.

Personalized service kept the drinks flowing to an appreciative crowd. Brothers were able to order delicious cheesesteaks, fries, wings, and burgers. As brothers gathered in small groups to discuss family, careers, and recent events in their lives, the noise level was very loud.

Among the brothers in attendance were:

Andrew Rubenstein ’87 Bruce Derringer ’87 Hank Weiss ’85
Rob Katz ’85 Keith Gottlieb ’83 Jeff Tepper ’84
Jeff Horing ’83 Ari Horowitz ’87 Reed Slogoff ’87
David Stonberg ’86 Jon Belmonte ’87 Rob Epstein ’83
Andy Kurtz ’85 Steven Wayne ’85 Morty Cohen ’65
Ken Esterow ’83 Zev Abraham ’84 Andrew Gold ’85
Mark Stein ’87 Ben Young ’86 Barry Steiner ’83
Ross Weiner ’80 Scott Tolchin ’86 Dave Eigan ’87
Kyle Solomon ’87 Jeff Spear ’83 Michael Seeve ’87
Larry Israeloff ’83 Mike Kuzca ’86 Scott Krase ’86
Gary Stein ’86 Parker Weil ’85 Brad Silver ’86
Rob Heffes ’83 Dean Frankel ’87 Jamie Gertler ’85

Sorry to anyone who attended and is not named above.

Once again, Parker Weil promised everyone a good time and delivered on his promise. Thanks to Parker for his hard work organizing the event. When asked how he is able to bring so many Pikes together each year, he replied, “We like each other.”

Faux Founders’ Day is scheduled for March 6, 2025, at a location to be named in later communications. All Beta Pi brothers should look forward to this date. No matter when you were initiated, you are always welcome. If you missed it this year, you missed a great time. Don’t miss it next year. If you live in the NYC area, gather brothers from your era and join the fun. You will not be sorry. Start your own annual get-together.