Cory Bray, Beta Pi ’03, is a cofounder of ClozeLoop, described by Wharton magazine as “A management consulting firm focused on increasing company sales”. This company was recognized by Wharton as a company to watch.

Wharton magazine, published by the University of Pennsylvania, has a recurring feature, called “Watchlist”, that examines new and notable commercial ventures of Wharton alumni. In the internet edition dated April 20, 2022, ClozeLoop, was chosen as a company that is quickly rising and warrants attention. Brother Bray is one of the two founders and serves as Managing Director.

Available to both early start-ups to public companies and groups, Wharton says, “ClozeLoop works with companies to scale their sales teams, implement technology and methodologies that accelerate revenue, and create training initiatives to arm salespeople with the skills they need to strategize and close (sales) effectively”. Among its clients are hundreds of Silicon Valley firms. ClozeLoop can provide in-person and online virtual sales training. Recently, Cory and his business partner spun-out a new software company, CoachCRM, from their consulting practice focused on making managers better coaches.

As a sales and marketing veteran, Cory was able to use his experience and expertise to write eight books and found a company that teaches others how to utilize proven methods to enhance the bottom line of any company or organization engaged in sales and/or fund-raising. Three books, currently available on Amazon, are The Sales Enablement Playbook, The Five Secrets of a Sales C.O.A.C.H., and Sales Development: Cracking the Code of Outbound Sales.

At Penn, Cory was a very active and dedicated brother. He served as treasurer and lived in the Chapter House three years. As a big supporter of Penn basketball, he could often be seen at games in the Palestra behind the basket in the PiKA seating section. He was also a key contributor to strong Pike intramural basketball teams.

Congratulations to brother Bray for the recognition he has received from Wharton and best wishes for his continued success.