The first question that a prospective new member should ask is whether joining a fraternity is the correct and intelligent thing to do. What are the benefits to be derived from the fraternity experience?  

The NIC (North American Interfraternity Conference), a trade group that represents 66 national fraternities, including Pi Kappa Alpha, with more than 6100 chapters and 385,000 undergraduate members, has issued the results of a Gallup Poll of fraternity members. The NIC summarized the findings as follows:

“75% of fraternity members demonstrate strong satisfaction with their overall student experience.

Nearly half of fraternity members serve in other campus leadership roles.

Fraternity members are more involved in cocurricular activities, and membership promotes student leadership and development, as well as satisfaction with the collegiate experience.

Fraternity members have stronger interaction with faculty than their peers, with higher rates feeling like their professors cared about them as a person or made them excited about learning.

Fraternity members spend significantly more time volunteering, mentoring and doing other types of service work, and they feel like they belong in their communities.

Fraternity members feel a stronger connection to and are more engaged in their communities.

Fraternity alumni feel a deeper sense of loyalty with their alma mater because of their positive college experiences, and they are more likely to recommend their school to others and donate after graduation.

If they had to do college over again, more than 8 out of 10 fraternity members would re-join their organizations.”

Once the decision is made to join a fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha should be among the top choices. One of the largest and most prestigious fraternities in America, Pi Kappa Alpha is the leader in providing programs designed to stimulate members by way of PIKE University to become leaders and managers in commerce, academics, etc.

Only PIKE University provides leadership programs at regional conferences to general fraternity members as well as chapter leaders. A national publication, Town and Country Magazine, cited Pi Kappa Alpha as the leading fraternity for member education.

As a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, you can benefit from the finest leadership program among all fraternities. As stated by Pi Kappa Alpha Inter/National, “PIKE University is designed to help you learn to live a life that positively impacts the world around you. As a PIKE University attendee, you’ll stand out in your career and community with resources dedicated to help you develop as a leader, as a professional, and as a person”.