On April 25, 2022, Chris Beals, Beta Pi ’99, was interviewed on the Wharton Business Daily podcast. Chris is the foremost authority on the state of the cannabis industry in the United States. He is the CEO of WM Technology, Inc., parent company to Weedmaps LLC.

After graduation from Penn, Chris graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. He started as an attorney and then moved into technology. Through the years, he has developed the appropriate background in operations, knowledge of product, and policy for technology, to warrant his ascension to CEO for both Weedmaps LLC and WM Technology, Inc. where he also serves on the Board of Directors. WM Technology is the oldest and largest marketplace for cannabis information and software in the legal cannabis sector. It is a public company that is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange using the symbol MAPS.

As the operator of Weedmaps, brother Beals oversees all aspects of Weedmaps sales and growth as well as management of provides information pertaining to recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries that are owned by Weedmaps and others not affiliated with Weedmaps. The information that can be found on the website includes locations, doctor offices, brands, delivery services, industry news, and educational facts regarding cannabis and its various strains. Where legal, online orders for product can be placed on the website.

On the Wharton podcast, Chris provided an overview of the cannabis industry. Last year was an incredibly momentous year. More states are approving the sales of recreational cannabis. To reduce illegal sales of cannabis, Chris maintains that more states need to allow sales for recreational use and more permits are needed in all states where it is legal. Of note, Weedmaps plans to open 13 locations in New Jersey where the sale of recreational cannabis has recently been approved. He has determined that users are active and loyal customers. Repeat customers return monthly and represent 95% of all purchasers.

At Penn, Chris was very active at Beta Pi. He did live in the Chapter House and served as Internal Vice President. Congratulations to brother Beals for being a leader in his field and best wishes for his continued success.